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The UPSC, or the Union Public Service Commission, conducts the Combine Defence Service Examinations (CDS). This examination is the first step toward getting hired by the Indian government and working as a commissioned officer at Officers Training Academy, Indian Military academy, Indian Air force academy, and Indian Naval Academy.

Eligibility for Admission

The official announcement of the exam includes a thorough statement of CDS eligibility from the UPSC. The following issues about CDS eligibility are important for applicants to be informed of:

  • The Commission will not necessarily have approved the candidate’s candidacy just by issuing the Admission Permit to him.
  • If the candidate is selected and later discovered to be guilty, they risk being fired from their position.
  • Concerning the original documents, UPSC verifies the qualifying requirements. Once a candidate is selected for the interview and personality test, verification is completed.

Only single male candidates born between January 1, 1984, and December 31, 2004, are eligible. Candidates under the age of 25 must be single. During training, marriage is not authorized. Candidates over 25years old and married are entitled to apply. However, they will be given unmarried housing during the training and cannot live with family outside the facility.
To qualify for the CDS exam, an applicant must meet a minimum level of educational requirements stipulated by the Union Public Service Commission.
The minimal requirement to sit for the CDS exam is a graduation or bachelor’s degree from a school with government recognition. The required CDS education requirements are noted in detail below:

Education Requirements CDS Qualification
Officer’s Training Academy and Indian Military Academy (OTA)Bachelor’s Degree from a reputable or recognized University
Indian Naval Academy (INA)Engineering Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University
Air Force Academy (AFA)Bachelor’s Degree or Engineering Diploma (including Physics and Mathematics in grade 12)

Candidates must meet UPSC requirements for physical and mental fitness. Many qualified candidates are rejected based on their health. Therefore applyingis strongly urged to get a medical exam before applying for the CDS Exam.

Common flaws in candidates include:

  • Hydrocele or phimosis,
  • Wax in the Ears,
  • Deviated Nasal Septum
  • Condition: Undersized Chest Piles, Overweight, or Underweight
  • Tonsillitis \Gynaecomastia \sVaricocele

Candidates with permanent physical tattoos in any other region of the body will not be considered for a further considerably-case basis. Tribes with tattoos on the body or face following their prevailing tradition and customs will be allowed.

Fees Structure

Siegwald Academy offers CDS coaching in Kolkata, shaping young for the examinations. The course fee is Rs. 27,600 for 6 months.

Admission Procedure

There are two rounds to the CDS selection process: the written test and the SSB interview round. For admission in IMA, INA, and AFA, candidates must complete three papers in the first phase (written exam), whereas just two papers are required for OTA candidates. Candidates should be dying past years’ questions for the CDS Exam with solutions to better prepare. They must participate in an interview to determine their psychological aptitude, personality, and IQ at the second step of the hiring. The candidate must meet both stage 1 and stage 2 requirements to qualify for CDS 2022. Immediately following the completion of the entire procedure, UPSC will announce the final cut-offs for the CDS 2022 exam.

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The minimal requirement to sit for the CDS exam is a graduation or bachelor’s degree from an institution of higher learning recognized by the government.
CDS Salary & Pay Scale
CDS RanksCDS Pay ScalePay Level
MajorRs 69,400/ to 2,07,200/ Per monthLevel 11
Lt ColonelRs 1,21,200/ to 2,12,400/ Per monthLevel 12A
ColonelRs 1,30,600/ to 2,15,900/ Per monthLevel 13
No. Graduation is the minimum educational requirement for taking the CDSE. You can take the NDA exam to enter the security forces as an officer if you have completed your 12th grade and are between the ages of 16.5 and 19.5 years.
No, your graduation matters more than your grades in the 12th grade for the joint defense service exam. You must have graduated from a university that is accredited by the UGC.

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