Popularly Known as the Citizens’ Army, Territorial Army is an organization of gainfully employed Indian citizens who are not professional soldiers but amateurs who have a passion and love for the country and who are eager to contribute their spare time for obtaining military training so that, in the event of a national emergency, they can play their part to meet the internal security needs and contribute their might in the defence of their motherland.

The Territorial Army is an integral part of the Indian Army as defined in paragraph one, chapter one and part one of the Defence Service Regulations which states

“The army comprises, Regular Army, Regular Reserves, and the Territorial Army..”

The Regular Army as per chapter one, paragraph 3 (217xxi) of the Army Act 1950, “Regular Army means officers, junior commissioned officers, warrant officers, non-commissioned officers and other enrolled persons who, by their commission, warrant, terms of enrollment or otherwise, are liable to warrant, terms of enrollment or otherwise, are liable to Union in any part of the world, including persons belonging to the Reserve Forces and the Territorial Army when called out on permanent service.”

The Indian Territorial Army carries out operational tasks, internal security duties and aid to civil authorities in support of the Regular Army and has been playing a commendable role. The TA units have also been embodied for the Operation Parakaram and deployed with various defence units including protection of essential service and oil and natural installations in Gujarat.

Defence Minister, Mr George Fernandes underlined the need for expansion of the Territorial Army (TA) in view of its increasing role in assistance to civil administration and maintenance of essential services. He was addressing the meeting of the Consultative Committee attached to his ministry in New Delhi.