Q1. What is Territorial Army ?

Territorial Army is volunteers Army also know as Citizens Army 
Primary task of TA is to be the second line of defence of the Indian Army 
They provide reinforcements to regular Battalions during operations and war like situations 

Q2. What is the Eligibilty conditions for TA Commisssion / Who all can join TA?

Only male citizens of India and Ex-service officers who are medically fit*
Age – 18 to 42 years
Qualification – Graduate from any recognized university
Employment – Gainfully Employed in Central Govt/Semi Govt /Pvt Firm/ Own business/Self Employed**
*(Note: Serving Employees of Police/Paramilitary Forces are not eligible.)

Q3. Can I serve continuously in TA?

Yes, you can serve continuosly in TA and can earn your pension after completion of 20 years of physical (embodied) service in TA
TA is a Volunteers organization and therefore , one can serve continuously

Q4. What is 2 months service concept?

Minimum service in TA during a Training year is 2 months. A training is counted from 01 April of every year till 31st March of the Next one

Q5. Is there a way that I can get permanent commission after joining TA?

Yes, only if the Officer has 3 years embodied( physical service ) in TA and is under 25 years in age

Q6. What are the medical standards for TA?

Medical standards of TA and RA is same

Q7. What is the Pay and perks difference in TA &RA?

It is same. ( At par with the Regular Army Officer of the corresponding rank)

Q8. What is the scope of promotion in TA?

Promotion uptil the Rank of Lt Colonel is time scale
Lt – Capt : 4 Years
Capt – Major : 08 years
Maj – Lt Col : 15 Years

Q9. What is the role of TA?

Primary task of TA is to be the second line of defence of the Indian Army
They provide reinforcements to regular Battalions during operations and war like situations
TA is also deployed to guard Vulnerable Areas and Vulnerable Points (VA/VPs )

Q10. Are TA personnels included in live operatons?

TA is primarily to assist and provide reinforcement to Regular Army Units in Field Areas
TA is not given tasks of direct Operations, however, TA units are parts of Live Operations
Many Home & Hearth Battalions have been participating in Operations

Q11. I’m not employed anywhere, am I eligible for TA?

Technically, Yes, you are not eligible. However, you can always say that you are a self employed person, How?
We will be having special classes by our TA Officers, wherein we shall cover all these aspects

Q12. Im a student, can I join TA?

Only if you show that you are gainfully self employed

Q13. If I get selected, can I join a TA Unit nearest to my home town?

You can request the TA Directobe rate for your choice of posting. Final decision shall be of the TA Directorate depending upon vacancy of Officers in the Unit desired

Q14. What is the training period for TA Officers?

One month basic training in the first year of commission – This training is conducted in the Battalion
Two months annual training camp every year including the first year
Three months Basic Military Training (BMT) at TA Training Schools, Deolali
Three months Post Commissioning Training (PCT) within first two years at IMA Dehradun

Q15. Can TA personnel earn pension?

Yes, Officers are eligible for Pension after 20 years of physical service in TA

Q16. When is the next TA Commission Exam?

It would be in February 2017. We will let you know the Notification date which would be in December 2015